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History with David Rubenstein (PBS)

In 1960, one out of every 25 people in the United States was of Latino heritage. In 2023, it is one out of five. In 2050, it will be one in three. Latinos are our largest, oldest, most undercounted, fastest growing, and least understood community. Prizewinning author Marie Arana explains who they are and what they have meant to America.

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What do ‘Latino voters’ want? The GOP thinks it knows. (Washington Post)

Is there such a thing as “the Latino voter”?

My father, a Peruvian, was something of a Republican, even when he wasn’t yet a citizen of the United States. For the first 15 years of my parents’ marriage, in Peru, he was mostly concerned with the careening allegiances of his own countrymen: the gaping divide between the elites and the poor; the wild, destabilizing vacillation between right wing and left wing in Latin America; the perpetual pendulum swing between oppression and revolution.

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Praise for Latinoland

This is a collection of advance praise for Marie Arana’s book Latinoland: America’s Largest and Least Understood Minority.

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