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Against a thousand years of vivid history, in a work of striking originality and power, Marie Arana tells the stories of three contemporary Latin Americans whose lives represent the driving forces that have shaped the character of the region.

Silver, Sword, and Stone

Marie Arana

Bolívar’s life is one of history’s most dramatic canvases, a colossal narrative replete with adventure and disaster, victory and defeat.


Marie Arana

American Chica transports us far beyond the conventional boundaries of ethnic memoir; with great delicacy, Arana helps us understand why the marriage of the Americas is as difficult as it is inevitable.

American Chica

Marie Arana

“Erotic, catastrophic . . . Arana’s novel of taboo passion, tragic misperception, and life’s hidden dimensions is as shattering as it is seductive.”

Lima Nights

Marie Arana

In her stunning fiction debut, Marie Arana has created a rich, boisterous saga about a remarkable family, a wondrous invention, and a powerful collision between science, magic, and faith.


Marie Arana
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