Marie’s video about the film “Girl Rising”

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This short clip made just after Marie’s visit to the La Rinconada gold mines in Peru, describes her meeting with 14-year-old Senna, the child laborer, budding poet, and Marie’s subject for the film “Girl Rising.” In 2011, Marie visited the mines, which are situated under a glacier 18,000 feet up in the Peruvian Andes. It […]

Premiere of “Girl Rising”

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Girl Rising is a groundbreaking film, written in part by Marie, and directed by Oscar nominee Richard Robbins. The segment on Senna, a little girl who lives in the highest habitation in the world—the Peruvian gold mining town of La Rinconada—was written by Marie after traveling 18,200 feet up into a remote corner of the Andes. […]

Marie visits the highest human habitation in the world

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La Rinconada, a gold mine at 18,000 feet in Peru, is the subject of this probing article, titled “Dreaming of El Dorado.” Marie traveled there to meet a young girl, Senna, and write a script for the  forthcoming movie “Girl Rising.” The accompanying photographs are by Gina Nemirofsky of The Documentary Group in Los Angeles. […]


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