Library of Congress podcast about “Bolivar: American Liberator”

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Marie is interviewed by Francisco Macías for the Library of Congress archives. Hear the podcast here. Description: Francisco Macias from the Library of Congress speaks with Marie Arana, who appeared at the National Book Festival on September 21, 2013, on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. Biography: The daughter of a Peruvian father and an […]

Video about “Bolívar: American Liberator”

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Here is a video made just after the publication of “Bolívar: American Liberator” in the offices of Simon & Schuster. There are more of Marie’s talks you can watch about Bolívar: at Politics & Prose in Washington, for example. And, the latest, at the National Book Festival on the Capital Mall.

Marie’s NPR Interview

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“George Washington threw colonialists out of one country,” says the NPR, “but Simon Bolivar liberated six from Spanish rule.” In the interview that aired on April 13, the interviewer goes on to say: “Marie Arana has written a biography of the warrior statesman whose name is often invoked, but whose history is little understood. It’s called Bolivar: […]


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