Marie’s TED talk on Bolívar

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Watch Marie’s (unedited) TED talk, given at the first TED-South conference in Latin America. The conference was in Rio de Janeiro in a fabulous tent set up on Copacabana Beach. Usually, TED talks are edited to a fine, polished product, and all the uhms, ahs, and slips removed, but here you get to see my…

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Library of Congress podcast about “Bolivar: American Liberator”

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Francisco Macias from the Library of Congress speaks with Marie Arana, who appeared at the National Book Festival on September 21, 2013, on the National Mall in Washington, D.C.

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Early reviews for “Bolívar: American Liberator”

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“Finally, Bolivar gets the sweeping biography he deserves. He was the greatest leader in Latin American history, and his tale is filled with lessons about leadership and passion. This book reads like a wonderful novel but is researched like a masterwork of history.” (Walter Isaacson, author of Steve Jobs ) “This is a magnificent story. Deeply researched…

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