Virginia Quarterly Review

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Marie has edited the Fall issue of the VQR (magazine published by UVA). Theme: “The Female Conscience,” featuring work by Jean Bethke Elshtain, Judith Warner, Joyce Carol Oates, Sylvia Earle, Mindy Aloff, Jonathan Yardley, Robin Marantz Henig, Reeve Lindbergh, Manal Al-Sharif, and many others. See more here.

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Ensayo de Jonathan Yardley sobre Marie Arana

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Marie Arana es una auténtica ciudadana hemisférica. Su escritura explora y abraza los dos lados de las Américas, tal como ella misma lo ha hecho durante toda su vida. Nacida en Lima, de padre peruano y madre “yankee”, se siente igualmente a gusto en ambas culturas.

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Jonathan Yardley’s essay on Marie Arana

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Marie Arana is truly a citizen of the hemisphere. Her writing explores and embraces both continents of the Americas, just as she herself has done throughout her life. Born in Lima to a Peruvian father and a Yankee mother, she is equally at ease in both of their cultures.

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